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"Music is a language in itself, and it's one that we all understand."
 ~Stevie Wonder
Music Fun Time

This show is for kids 5 and below  --  Mr. Brad plays a high energy series of popular children's songs played on a variety of instruments in a one-man-band set up, perfect for library "story times", birthdays, and other events.

Instrumental Explorations

The best way to explore the world is through music.  "Instrumental Explorations" is a series of  seminars about ethnomusicology and physics laden with musical performances as we travel the globe.  Ages 12-16.

Musical Spaceship

Mr. Brad takes us for a ride on a spaceship made of synthesizers, travelling from Mercury to Pluto in search of life and singing some songs along the way.  From our "window" we'll look out onto NASA images and videos of all the planets as well as many of the coolest dwarf planets and moons!  Ages 7-11.

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